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This is me!

*Humming in the background*

I’m Nadja, an up-and-coming artist from Sweden.
I want to use my art to record life stories – whether it is about life changing moments, passions or everyday life.

I describe myself as a woman who aspires to fill my life with true experiences and genuine connections. I’m an animal lover, nature admirer and I’m trying to feed the right wolf everyday.

More facts about me:

– I’m a cat mom of two.

– Watermelon is the superior melon.

– I’m technically a Hufflepuff but I identify as a Huffledoor.

– I’m an Aquarius, beaches.

– Why be moody when you can shake that booty?


If you’re interested in some of my pieces or want to contact me for other reasons feel free to contact me below.

See more of my work on my social media.